Marc & Lisa Lombard

Marc Lombard has a history of mission work, radio ministry, and youth evangelism.  He preached his first sermon at the age of 14, and immediately felt the call to one day be a minister.  Marc took a leave of absence from college in 1993 to pursue an opportunity to do mission work in the south Pacific for a year.  Since his initial short term mission project, Marc has been to multiple countries doing various mission projects.  His mission work has taken him to Romania, Egypt, Germany, Russia, and Latvia. 

Upon returning to school, he dedicated himself to his degree in theology.  It was while studying for the ministry that he developed a love for Bible Prophecy.  He especially loves the book of Revelation, and has developed a comprehensive seminar to teach others about the essential truths of last day events.

Marc had also worked as a summer camp counselor, a sub-director, and a camp pastor.  

He has always loved working with children, and even co-directed with Lisa a youth-led evangelism series based on the book Revelation.

If that wasn't enough, Marc also worked his way through college as a DJ at a local Christian radio station (KJCR), and later became the station's music director.  It was while working at KJCR that he developed a love for multiple styles of Christian music; from CCM, to Blue Grass Gospel, to inspirational Hymns.


Lisa Lombard has a rich background in Children's ministry.  She has authored over ten Vacation Bible School and Junior Campmeeting programs.  She has an incredible gift at explaining complex Bible truths in a simple way to where 10 to 12 year olds can fully understand.  

Lisa has partnered with Marc in marriage and pre-marital counseling and has demonstrated a passion to empower women to be Christ-centered.  

Lisa has been invited to multiple countries to speak to youth and young adults on various topics ranging from Bible Prophecy to family and relationships.


They are joined by their two adult sons, Josef and Nikolaus.

Both Marc and Lisa co-host a weekly radio broadcast Saturdays at 4:30 pm on WYGE 92.3 FM.

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